And what about the Americans?

BRILLIANT BOFFINS! -the extraordinary, brainy, and often oddball men and women of Malvern.

There were lots of them in Malvern from time to time, because of the huge US camp (near Hanley Swan?)

My mother became briefly engaged to a handsome young US Army captain, a medical student working in a MASH unit, who took her to a huge dance back at his camp.

He arrived in full dress uniform at her front door, with a fresh flower corsage for her dress. She’d never seen glamour like it!

The band playing was Glenn Miller’s. Shortly after, the legendary bandleader’s plane was lost over the Channel.

My mother always swore she’d jitterbugged at one of his last ever gigs.

Shortly after that, her dashing US captain was deployed to France and my mother never heard from him again – though she did later find he was fit and well, and later returned to USA where he became a doctor.

She never knew whether he simply thought twice about marrying a British girl, whether indeed he already had a girl back home, or whether something happened to him in France that eclipsed their romance.

She always told us she had torn up every photo of him – but of course, going through the albums now, we found that she certainly kept a few!

Do you have any romantic stories from your parents’ days?

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