The Battle of Britain Bunker The bunker housed RAF Fighter Command’s No.11 Group Operations Room throughout the Second World War, the room from which the RAF co-ordinated most of the Battle of Britain, presented as Winston Churchill saw it on 15 September 1940.



Bawdsey RADAR Trust

Bawdsey Radar Trust began life in the autumn of 2003 as the Bawdsey Radar Group. In 2008, the Group became a trust. In 2016/7, the transmitter block underwent a major restoration programme funded by the NHLF, Historic England and others to transform it from a derelict condition into a building which now has a sustainable future and award winning exhibition about the development and use of radar from the 1930’s, through WWII to the present day.


MALVERN RADAR AND TECHNOLOGY HISTORY SOCIETY  is a registered Charity 1183001 set up to preserve the history of scientific work done at Malvern and educate the wider public. Its purpose is set out in its constitution and is aimed at preserving the unique collection of documents, imagery and artefacts within the MRATHS archive, and using the knowledge and stories embedded there to educate and inspire the public and students. Our mission is “To celebrate Malvern’s extraordinary history of science and technology”


Purbeck RADAR This website outlines the story of early radar development and its importance to the UK in World War II. It focuses on work in Purbeck, Dorset – which was the nerve centre for radar development from 1940 – 1942. It also tells something of the talented scientists who developed radar, explores the lasting legacy of their work, and gives details on where to find more information.


QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers committed to listening, understanding and responding to our customers’ needs. This enables us to use our depth of experience and our unique science and engineering expertise to equip them with powerful solutions to their most pressing challenges.


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