Terry Bunce shares his story

Dear Anne.

I have quite a few pictures of RADAR arrays going back many years. Some are totally outrageous and impractical, but then some are of post WW2 equipment and then coming right up to date. I will do my best to send them to you. I also have a map of all the WW2 RADAR locations, and pictures of the WW2 underground bunker operations, somewhere amongst all my service history.

Personally, I am now retired but was a RADAR Operator from 1959 until 1984, reaching the rank of Flight Sergeant. At that time the RADAR trade was world wide and I was fortunate to serve on many units around the world. My favourite posting was RAF Bawdsey near Felixstowe, which was the first fully operational RADAR site using the equipment that your father and his associates would have been developing.

It had all changed by the time I got there in 1963. At Bawdsey I had the privilege of being an instructor teaching new operators.

Bawdsey, along with Neatishead near Norwich, has a fully functioning museum run by the Bawdsey RADAR Trust. The is well worth the visit as it is angled towards the WW2 equipment, whereas Neatishead has more modern displays.


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