February 1, 2023

A letter has been passed to us which was written to The Editor of the Mail on Sunday from Graham Evans.

Dear Sir, Re Anne Diamond / RADAR inventors I was kindly sent a hard copy of the article from the Mail Online on Sunday by Anne Diamond.  Fortunately, she has no need to worry about the work of the Boffins of Malvern and their tremendous contribution to the war effort during WW2 and indeed continuing […]

My Radar Family Memories – Patricia Anne Lloyd (Nee McPhail)

My father, Arthur McPhail, was seconded from Hadfields Steelworks, Sheffield down to Malvern TRE in 1944. H e first worked at the North Site (Pale Manor). I believe he worked on Defensive Weapons and Radar. My first memories are of living in a flat in Teme Road, Tolladine, Worcester, along with other “Ministry Families”. We […]

Alan Watson shares his memories of Bill Watson meeting the King and Queen 19th July 1944

Dear Anne, I was given your email by my Aunt, Rosemarie Watson, who told me that you are looking for information about the Radar research during the second world war. I am the second son of Keith Watson who was the first son of  about whom Rosemarie wrote to you about. We had a copy of […]

Nik asks Where did the glider come from, how was it launched and where did it land?

Hello Anne,   Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I have no photos from that period. Only a couple of incomplete albums from my father’s RAF days. I am certain he knew that something was being developed to try and locate enemy aircraft with radio waves, most local people knew something was going  on when the […]