Barry Symonds shares his story

My (not particularly exciting) story is simply that during the nineteen eighties, on several occasions I escorted a number of teenage apprentices on visits to an adventure experience trip to Dorset.

One of the centres that we used had a large display board on the wall explaining that the building had been used to examine the radar set captured by a commando raiding party from a German Radar site in northern France.

I was excited about this as I was aware of that particular spectacular raid.  However, my students could not appreciate the significance of the Marine’s actions.

Reading you article in ‘Mail on Sunday’ clarified my musings as to why that building in Worth Matravers should have been used by the Royal Radar Establishment.

I have no way of knowing if that building was the genuine one or whether the display board had been relocated.  The location was at Renscombe Farm, about half-mile west of Worth Matravers village.

Coincidently, the Adventure Centre closed following an accident at a different adventure centre in Dorset which resulted in the drowning of students, who were canoeing on the open sea.

I hope that you find my recollections of interest.

Also, I wish your endeavours  success in gaining recognition of your parent’s wartime efforts.

During the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940 my father was captured while helping to hold back the German forces at St Valery.  He survived five years in a POW camp and lived until 1989.

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