February 1, 2023

Jim Lewis shares some secrets

I saw the piece on Midlands Today and the bit about a couple getting divorced because the wife believed her husband was being unfaithful because he was going all over the country but refused to say why reminds me of what was said to me after leaving RSRE in the mid 1970’s and transferring a top secret establishment near to Reading.  I

Although the security aspect of this little story concerned my life after RSRE I thought you might be interested in a story told to those of us joining a place where atomic weapons were made.

First of all we were told never to mention a word about where we worked or what we did which had not been read in a newspaper or seen on TV (public domain) and especially to family members.

The reason for this dates back to the attack on Pearl Harbor because during the inquest into the attack it was discovered the Japanese employed spies in an expensive ladies hairdressers to listen in where officers wives were notorious for bragging about whose husband had the most responsible job.

The spies just kept quiet with their ears open and were able to report back which ships were due and or departing over the next few days which enabled the attack to occur when there was a good chance of causing the most havoc T

his is a prime example of why even trusted family members should never be told anything of possible use to an enemy.

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