February 1, 2023

Nik asks Where did the glider come from, how was it launched and where did it land?

Hello Anne,   Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I have no photos from that period. Only a couple of incomplete albums from my father’s RAF days. I am certain he knew that something was being developed to try and locate enemy aircraft with radio waves, most local people knew something was going  on when the […]

Nick remembers his father Stanley Ratcliffe

My father Stanley Ratcliffe was one of the “boffins” in WWII. He worked at Worth Matravers, and relocated to Malvern in 1942. He continued to work for TRE/RRE/RSRE until his retirement.  He died in July 2018 and the Royal Institute of Navigation (of which he was fellow, despite never having flown a plane, nor captained […]

Does anyone know of the Rugby / Lutterworth link

Diana writes: –   Hi. My father was a brilliant engineering scientist, who was assigned to research during the second world war. I’d always understood that he worked on the development of radar from Rugby. He was located in the same building as Frank Whittle, who was developing the jet engine from the same base. […]

Rozie Lawrence tells us about her dad – Patrick James

Hi Anne, after reading your article in the Sunday Mail I thought I would drop you a line about my father. His name is Patrick James who like you was a Radar child only he lived at  Renscombe Farm, Worth Matravers, Swanage. After reading the article he told me that three of the scientists resided […]