February 1, 2023

Terry suggests some more resources

Dear Anne.

For your information. I hope it helps with the continuing story. There was a mention in the Mail on Sunday regarding RADAR Families. The first said the story would make a fabulous film.

There is already a very good tv adapted film of the initial research into radio waves and RADAR. That being “Castles in the Sky” the story of Robert Watson-Watt and his team of researchers.

The second raised the question as to where can people go to see what happened during and after WW2. The answer is that there are a number of excellent museum around the country where people can go to see the development of RADAR in its early stages and how it progressed through the ages.

1. Bawdsey RADAR near Felixstowe, is run by the Bawdsey RADAR Trust. It is located in one of the original above ground concrete blocks and has original RADAR detection displays, as your father would have known and worked on.

2. The War Time Bunker at Uxbridge on the old RAF Uxbridge camp. Probably the best museum for understanding what it was like to work 60 to 150 ft underground. The museum is set up as it was the day the King and Winston Churchill visited during the Battle of Britain.

3. Bentley Priory. The RAF Fighter Command headquarters during WW2. Primarily devoted to the pilots who fought the battle but an excellent representation of events.

4. Neatishead near Norwich. The original underground bunker was destroyed by fire in 1964, with its replacement equipped with more modern equipment. Again and excellent museum.

5 The Nuclear Bunker near Nantwich, Cheshire. Devoted to the Cold War period. and 6. Holmpton near Withersea, Yorkshire. An original underground bunker but not a true representation of when it was operational as it is too commercialised.

Regards.  Terry

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