Early RADAR inventions

We are grateful to Terry Bunce, a member of the http://www.RADAR.family for sending us these wonderful photographs of early RADAR.

He says of the pictures “I got them a very long time ago and cannot even remember where they came from.. So I am sorry that I cannot tell you more about them. Except that if you look closely at the pictures you will see that the attire of the people involved vary from British to French, Italian and German. Also the mode of attire would suggest early 30’s.  So possibly prior to the research of Watson Watt at Orford Ness, and the continued research at Malvern RRE.

My personal interest in Air Defence is due to 25 years in the RAF as an Air Defence Operator, having joined the RAF in January 1959 and retiring in August 1984. I had quite a varied career, was posted to some amazing places, and worked with the very best that were on operations during my time. My personal favourite posting was for 2 years as an intrust or at the School of Fighter Control, RAF Bawdsey,1971 – 1973, instructing new, very young recruits into the air defence trade.”

If you can identify the origins of these photographs – or have similar of your own, then please email directly to anne@radar.family.

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