Sheila Crosby remembers Andrew (Andy) Smart

Sheila Crosby writes: –

Hi Anne.

My dad was Andrew (Andy) Smart. He was conscripted to join TRE in 1943, cutting short his studies at Glasgow University. He arrived on the train with two other Scots – Allan Young and Alex Young. He was to work on Airborne Intercept and H2S Navigation and Bombing Radar. He worked in London briefly but returned in 1953 to work on guided weapons, becoming head of the department in 1968. After working elsewhere for a few years he returned again as Director of RSRE in 1978. He was awarded a CB in 1981 and retired in 1984.

He married Pam Stephens in 1949, and had two sons and two daughters. My mum always says there was great excitement the first time she saw my dad (before they met) as he was wearing a kilt (in the street!). My dad never wore trousers until he came to Malvern. He was a founder member of the Malvern Scots Club. My mum still lives in Colwall, although my dad died in 2008. She worked in the drawing office and was known as ‘Steve’. She is still in touch with Cyril Hilsum, and Joy Young, the wife of Alex Young.

You may like to know that I also went to Hillside and Worcester Grammar, maybe a couple of years behind you.

Sheila Crosby

Allan Young, Andrew Smart, Alex Young 1945

Andrew and Pam on the hills 1947


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