George Jesson remembers his dad Maurice Jesson

Dad, Maurice Jesson, is 6th from the left on the back row. He wasn’t a radar chap as such, but he was involved in making precision metalwork parts and measurements for waveguides etc. When he first arrived at Malvern, his digs were over the other side of the hills, which meant a tough bike ride each day. Later he must have been in House 5 (MRATHS title for the photo is ‘House 5 residents C1944’).

We didn’t hear much from Dad about his time there, but a story he liked to tell was when he played a prank on his supervisor.

He made a metal disk to fit exactly inside his supervisor’s mug, to give it a false bottom. When the supervisor drank from it and realised what had happened, he looked around the room and singled out my dad.

He was puzzled to have been found out, but the supervisor explained that he was the only person in the room who was capable of getting the fit exactly right.

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