Alan Stackman remembers his old boss Eric Ackermann

An interesting article by Anne Diamond about her father’s work with radar during the war.

He may well have known my old boss Eric Ackermann. He joined the Telecommunications Research Establishment RTE early in 1940 and like her father flew many sorties researching enemy radar and testing our own detection and counter measures. For his work he was awarded the George Medal.

His work continued after the war in Germany as the CO of 646 Signals Unit with the honorary rank of Wing Commander.

I was a RAF Radar Fitter and was at posted there in 1957. The unit HQ was then at Obernkirchen home of the girls choir famous for getting into the UK top ten with the song The Happy Wanderer.

After arrival I kicked my heels for three weeks without a clue of what I was supposed to do even from people I knew. I later found out I was undergoing high level security checks. Needless to say that our work was an extension of what he and others did during the war. The unit had a number of detachments throughout Germany.

I spent most of my time at Putlos near Oldenburg in Schleswig Holstein. During my time there the CO decided that the unit should have a badge. It sported the white horse of Hanover and I believe the only RAF unit badge with a German motto. Kein Hindernis zu Hoch. (No obstacle too high).

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