Derek Smith

Mike tells us: – “I thought I’d get in touch as I am a member of the same Malvern generation as you.


My dad (Derek Smith) was a GP in Malvern during the 60s and 70s. Just before he died in 1988 he also had a role as a medical officer at RSRE.

Like you, I also went to Hillside School although you were a few years older than me, before going on to King’s in Worcester. Although I moved away from Malvern I came back about 20 years ago and am still here now.  I thought that I’d point you in the direction of a couple of Facebook pages that may be of use/interest to you.

One is the Malvern History Page, the other is the Hillside School page.  I’ll also send this link to an interview with Ken Slater. He was a friend of my parents and a director at RSRE.

I knew a number of families around Malvern where a parent worked at RRE/RSRE/DERA (why did they keep changing the name?!) but have no idea what they did! Duckworth, Putley, Watkins, Prior, Smart, possibly Ward and Thetford too….

I also remember we had a neighbour who I think had worked on liquid crystals who died in strange circumstances but I can’t remember the name.  Good luck with your project!  Best wishes  Mike Smith

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