RADAR family member asks – do you know John Harris ‘Jack’ Richards?

Dear Anne,

I am member of Radar Families (my username is ‘Pintofbest). I would very much like to know if anyone in the radar family community knows of my uncle, John Harris ‘Jack’ Richards. In the 1930s?

Harris studied pure and applied mathematics and electrical engineering at University of Cardiff and graduated BSc Eng with Honours.

His first job was with Metropolitan Vickers (hereafter Metrovick) from 1938 and he lived at 42 Marlborough Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0AN, a twenty-minute walk from Metrovick’s factory at Trafford Park. In 1937 work had started at Metrovick to design and manufacture the first Chain Home transmitters (designated T3026).

Harris never spoke about the work he did before and during the war, though on a trip to London in 1940 to attend meetings at the Air Ministry he did let slip to my mother (his sister) that he was working on ‘radar’. He hid papers marked ‘top secret’ under the mattress in her quarters and brother and sister went out for the day!

I confirm that I am happy to republish my material on www.radar.family.

By Editor

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