At 85, Edward F.B. Pope shares his memories of the Magnetron.

Dear ANNE DIAMOND, I am very interested in YOUR DAD’S radar inventors story. I’m 85 years old and remember the era of Magnetron Valves and Radar.

My eldest brother was a Radar Instructor in the RAF. Based in Lincolnshire. He told me a very interesting experience when two technicians working next to The Radar Equipment / Valve. They had put their sandwiches on the bench next to where they were working and suddenly the pack started to catch fire ! ? The Magnitron valve causes intense heat by molecules rubbing together. That was the the first Microwave Cooker without any doubt.

Thank you dad Diamond. I will explain why.

My brother and I had a retail domestic electrical business with 11 stores. 1 was invited to a meeting in Birmingham by a company called Thompson Tappen Ltd, for an introductory seminar on Microwave cookers . As a result of that meeting they had a home economist demonstrating and Researching the future market at our store in Lord Street Southport . Not sure how much later it was that Thorn Industries manufactured Moffat and Tricity Domestic Microwave Cookers .

Thank you DAD DIAMOND for making It so easy to cook a meal. ! Sorry to say it but The Americans pinched our know how!?

Edward F.B.Pope

By Editor

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