Gillian Shaw and Anthea Leslie remember their father Stanley Arthur (Gillie) Potter

Stanley Arthur (Gillie) Potter – Born Romford Essex 1914 died Wootton Isle of Wight 1978

Gillie’s radio operator number was ZB1AW.

Gillian my elder sister recalls the time a man visited the family home in Wootton Bridge in the 1950’s. He spoke openly to our Father about working on Radar development but did not disclose where the research was taking place. With Dad he helped to develop a jammer for Radar to prevent the Germans intercepting messages. He said they each received £5 as they were both in the Navy and how it was installed in every British Naval ship at that time.

Putting together his radar invention skills and finding a deciphering mechanism were what was required and we believe Gillie worked on that. We tried to contact the Maritime Museum following an item in the news.


A  Circular  machine had been found in a cupboard in HMS Hornet- Dads last posting -and we were sure ,in some way, it was connected to Dad. It was said it was the original computer.

He also spoke about Buster Crabb as he had been involved in the escape that the film was based on. Dad was extremely upset about the ‘drowning’ of Buster Crabb.

We still wait for news of the Herbert Lott award that Dad received…

















Gillian Shaw

Anthea Leslie

May 2021

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