Brenda remembers her Dad Derick Clarke

Thank you for setting  up the radar family website, I have enjoyed reading the posts and viewing old photographs.

My earliest memory is the long shared garden at Malvern House overlooking Priory Park, converted into flats for T.R.E. families. We later moved to a Ministry house in Leigh Sinton Road, Malvern Link and I was able to attend Somers Park Avenue Primary School.

In the early 1960s R.R.E. held an Open Day for invited guests and families. I accompanied my father Derick Clarke into the ‘ secret ‘ establishment to view certain selected areas. Demonstrations of laser beams, thermal imaging cameras and most interesting of all the computer room.

My father explained that the large metal cabinets were busy working out complex procedures and that when I was his age “ one of those computers will be made so small it will fit in the palm of your hand.”  My father worked in the section researching and developing micro electronics using electron microscopes. I was able to see a photograph of the eye of a fly !

Secondary education was at Worcester Girls Grammar School which meant a long tiring day. Cycle ride to Great Malvern Station, train to Foregate St Station and then a bus ride to the newly built school at Spetchley.   The homeward journey was on the 4.34pm school  steam train with teenagers from Kings, Alice Ottley, Girls Grammar, Boys Royal Grammar and St Mary’s Convent, need I say anymore !

How lucky we were to grow up in Malvern in 1950s and 1960s.

The R.R.E. Christmas parties and Sports Day at the social club in Pickersleigh Road. The open air swimming pool, Cinema, Theatre, The Winter Gardens Ballroom hosting rock groups and Saturday morning roller skating. The outstanding hills and common land for freedom and exploring, quiet lanes for long cycle rides and Summer picnics.

We were the privileged generation, enjoying the benefits and peace that our parents fought so hard for during the war.


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