Leanne Seward remembers her Dad Arthur William Hanson

After hearing Anne Diamond talk about the development of Radar in Malvern my mother and I thought we should let you know about my father’s work in Bridgenorth.

My father Arthur William Hanson was a young Chartered Electrical Engineer who worked at RGD (Radio Gramophone Development Company) in Bridgenorth Shropshire. Having thought about it  I wonder if RGD (Radio Gramophone Development Company) was the place where they made the radar equipment. It would have been a good cover for doing this. RGD had a headquarters in Birmingham where my father had grown up. Bridgenorth would have been a nice quiet place like Malvern to manufacture it.

My parents met in Bridgenorth. During the war my father never discussed what he was doing but later in life he told us he had worked on the development of radar during the war. He told us he had twice tried to join the Royal Navy and The Royal Indian Navy but he was prevented from doing so as his  work was considered to be a reserved occupation.

I hope this will add to the story of the development of Radar during the Second World War.  Regards  Leanne Seward and Jessie Hanson

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