My father was an MOD policeman

My father was an MOD policeman in the 1960’s at RRE.

As a child I  remember him wearing the Police uniform which was similar to the civilian Police.  He was trained at Hendon and I remember the stories he would tell me of the scientists in the establishment.

One certain person was Nigel Nicholls who was a top scientist, one of the best in the world in his field which was then crystal growing of the microchips. Nigel was one of the most sought after people by the Russians in the cold war days.

When the was a red alert I have vague memories of my father being armed during this time.  My dad would work all round the clock 24/7. Christmas day one of the scientists would go into work, sit in the toilet and just design, these were top boffins, eccentric.

He would tell me of the noise made by the early computers.  My sister and brother in law also worked there.   I am sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong in any part of this.

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