Peter Gough remembers his childhood

Your article that a cousin forwarded and my initial submission to you has triggered further random memories. I also feel that the work done at Malvern and Farnborough was never publicly acknowledged by HMG or the public.  Automatic landing systems we take for granted but came out of the work of the airborne and ground radar teams at Malvern for instance and the groundwork for that was laid during the wartime work.

Further childhood memories…..

Waiting for father at the outside gate at St Andrews Road site and not being allowed past the guardhouse to the inner gate.

Roller skating on a Saturday morning at the Winter Gardens.

Being taken to watch films at the winter gardens.

Being very aware in Malvern that those whose parents worked at the establishments were a separate community to the rest of the town.

Conscious of where holidays in Europe could or could not be taken.

Touring holidays in Europe where half the boot space was taken with car spares….just in case

My love affair with Morgan cars and how Peter Morgan welcomed the scientists at the factory on Pickersleigh Road.

Father disappearing for weeks on end and even mother didn’t know where he was.

His work never discussed at home but at least not in front of us children.

And many more and I suspect all similar to Radar kids

I really do have rose tinted glasses when I think of my childhood,  long hot summers, cold and snowy winters, raining on holiday in Devon and Cornwall. Really!!!!!!!

Morgan: My parents had an Irish Setter and father used to walk up the hill from Cockshot Road and walk her on the Link Common. Peter Morgan also had an Irish Setter and the 2 met. I gather from that father passed Peters name to the TRE motor club Committee members (father was not a Committee type!) The motor club had factory tours for the club only. I heard stories that Peter also helped people out with parts when they got stuck. I think most scientists kept their own cars going with bits from the scrap yard.  Certainly aged 8 or younger a voice from under a car would say something like 7/16 and I delivered the correct spanner to the outstretched hand.!  As a child seeing the Morgan cars being tested on the tracks up the hills definitely had the wow factor for me.

Apologies that was a bit of a ramble of an answer but put it down to age 😀

Other snapshot memories…

Blackberry picking in the Herefordshire lanes after driving through Wych Cutting.

Tobogganing down the hill by St Anne’s Well.

Cycling like a hooligan around the ministry estate and being told off by scientists and their family members.

Speed trials on bikes, with others, down the hill from the common to the estate, I still have the scar on my knee where my ambition exceeded my ability.

On a more serious note, father and many of those he worked with during the war ended up with Parkinsons. My ex and late father in law was a medical consultant oop North. He asked around but didn’t get answers. During the war and afterwards the scientists were working with radio waves that today the HSE would forbid. Did you come across it with your family and family friends?

On that note I will end this ramble

Kind regards


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