October 4, 2022

Anne’s Blog

Brian Pulford remembers his father Leonard Pulford

Like your father, my father did not talk about his work at the Telecommunications Research Establishment although, as my parents were separated when I was only 7 years old, I did not get much chance to learn about his wartime work. However, my mother did tell me a little about her experiences moving about the […]

Diane asks does anyone know about the Rugby/Lutterworth link?.

Hi. My father was a brilliant engineering scientist, who was assigned to research during the second world war. I’d always understood that he worked on the development of RADAR from Rugby. He was located in the same building as Frank Whittle, who was developing the jet engine from the same base. Have any others mentioned […]

Can anyone tell Alan more about his uncle Robert Holman?

Hi, Anne. I saw the feature on Midlands Today about the TRE where I believe my uncle worked during WWII. I have only scant information relayed by my father now deceased but would love to learn more. My uncle’s name was Robert Holman and he had formerly worked at the British Science Museum prior to […]

Gillian Shaw and Anthea Leslie remember their father Stanley Arthur (Gillie) Potter

Stanley Arthur (Gillie) Potter – Born Romford Essex 1914 died Wootton Isle of Wight 1978 Gillie’s radio operator number was ZB1AW. Gillian my elder sister recalls the time a man visited the family home in Wootton Bridge in the 1950’s. He spoke openly to our Father about working on Radar development but did not disclose […]

At 85, Edward F.B. Pope shares his memories of the Magnetron.

Dear ANNE DIAMOND, I am very interested in YOUR DAD’S radar inventors story. I’m 85 years old and remember the era of Magnetron Valves and Radar. My eldest brother was a Radar Instructor in the RAF. Based in Lincolnshire. He told me a very interesting experience when two technicians working next to The Radar Equipment […]

RADAR family member asks – do you know John Harris ‘Jack’ Richards?

Dear Anne, I am member of Radar Families (my username is ‘Pintofbest). I would very much like to know if anyone in the radar family community knows of my uncle, John Harris ‘Jack’ Richards. In the 1930s? Harris studied pure and applied mathematics and electrical engineering at University of Cardiff and graduated BSc Eng with Honours. […]